Finishing Prac

I have finished my Practical Placement for this semester and what a rollercoaster it has been. On previous practical placements I have taught year 6 and 7s but never a year below, this prac I was thrown in with the year ones. Reflecting back upon my 15 days of experience I recognise that there was minimal ICT integration and when I say minimal I mean minimal. From memory I used 4 YouTube videos and that was it, besides the brief appearance of my iPad to show the students a photo of my cat for a rhyming lesson.

I acknowledge that although it is hard to get year one students to use ICTs as they may not be 100% responsible, I also acknowledge that there is another defining aspect as to why there wasn’t much integration. This reason being: RESOURCES. As the school does not have the resources for students to have iPads or an interactive whiteboard it is unfair to expect a high level of ICT integration. These sorts of materials could drastically help those students that are visual and kinaesthetic learners and it is a shame that not every school has access to these.


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